"Rejuvenate Your Stone"


  • Stone/marble repair
  • Stone/marble polishing
  • Marble/stone seal
  • Grout restoration
  • Grout stain removal
  • Grout Detail Cleanig
  • Chip/crack repairs
  • Silicone removal & re-caulking/sealing
  • Stone maintenance
  • Complete stone restoration
  • Marble benchtops Christchurch
  • Marble repairs Christchurch
  • Paving detail clean and seal
  • Court yard clean and seal
  • Driveways cleaning and sealing
  • Efflorescence/White Salts detail clean ans seal
  • Shower Screen/Glass Cleaning
  • Water Stain/hard water marks removal
  • Full Shower Restoration 

Marble is a unique material that may increase the value and sophistication of a property not to forget the aesthetics. Marble is sensitive to solutions that are acidic and can engrave the surface if not properly cared for. That's when we come in to help, with our revolutionary new protective coating produce, the product will leave your marble floors not only protected from staining, but appear transparent and glossy - just the way you want it to look.

As experts in marble floors Christchurch wide, we aim to revamp all conditions of marble floors to the highest quality we can achieve. The most helpful thing you can do to protect the new glossy look is to keep your marble floors clean. Our marble floor cleaning services comes highly recommended for the Christchurch region and once your marble floors have been cleaned by our team at Stonecare, it makes maintaining and caring for your floors much easier.