"Revive Your Stone"

Once your stone has been treated by Stonecare NZ the maintenance and care for your stone will be much simpler. It is important that you put into practice a good cleaning routine to maintain and prolong the life of the stone.

Follow these simple guidelines to protect your stone.

Cleaning tips/maintenance

  • Keep marble/stone surfaces free of dirt and grime. 
  • It is not advisable to use normal, everyday cleaning products on natural stone/marble surfaces as they are too harsh.
  • Always use a PH Neutral soap cleaner for all surfaces as to avoid etching the stone, it is advisable to only use cleaners that are made for natural stone.
  • Wipe up spills immediately with a damp cloth, do not let any moisture sit on the stone for an extended period of time.
  • When cleaning glass shower screens, instead of spraying directly onto glass (as this can run down or spray onto the stone), try putting the cleaning product directly onto cloth first.
  • Dust and mop surfaces on a regular basis using suggested cleaning products and a damp mop or a steam mop.
  • Make sure the mop is not contaminated – use a clean mop and clean it after finishing, allowing it to hang dry over night.
  • Use coasters for drinks, especially for citrus drinks and alcoholic beverages as these easily etch natural stone.
  • Use place mats for hot plates etc., or anything that could scratch your stone such as ceramic dishes.

If you follow the above tips you should prolong the renewed look of your stone therefore reducing future maintenance. To protect your stone further contact us regarding our revolutionary new acid proof protective coating.